Brotherband Chronicles #3: The Hunters

Brotherband Chronicles #3: The Hunters

The Hunters

Hal and his crew on the Heron team survived Brotherband training in Brotherband Chronicles #1 The Outcasts. In #2 The Invaders the boys sailed off in Hal’s boat The Heron in pursuit of the pirates who stole the Andomal. In #3: The Hunters, Hal and his crew are still in pursuit of the pirates and the andomal. They need the andomal to restore the respect of their countrymen…they let it get stolen in the first place.


Author: John Flanagan

If you like Hal and Stig and their friends, don’t miss the first two Brotherband Books #1:The Outcasts and #2: The Invaders or John Flanagan’s other series The Ranger’s Apprentice that begins with #1: The Ruins of Gorlan. The other books below are also about friends who are in warrior training and have to rely on their skills as well as their loyalty to each other and their cause. Lots of action in these as well as a lot of funny parts and even some romance.
The Outcasts The Invaders The Ranger's Apprentice Heroes of the Valley Heart of a Samurai
A Conspiracy of Kings Young Samurai The Way of the Sword Icefall Alanna
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