The False Prince

The False Prince

When the King and his family are poisoned, Conner, a smart nobleman with a lot of money, devises a scheme to train an impersonator to show up at the castle claiming to be the king’s long lost son. Once this false prince is crowned king Conner himself will then run the kingdom…the false king will be just a puppet under Conner’s control.

In order for his scheme to work Conner needs to find the right boy. He scours orphanages in the kingdom and settles on three recruits, Sage, Roden, and Tobias. He takes the boys to his manor house and begins their training: swordfighting, reading, horseback riding, manners at the table…all the things a prince growing up in a castle would know.

For orphan boys it’s a chance of a lifetime. They are beggars, pickpockets and thieves. At the manor house they eat better than they have ever eaten in their lives. They play with swords! They ride horses!

Conner does his best to set up challenges and contests to pit the boys against each other. Which one has what it takes to carry out Conner’s daring plan? And what about the others? What about the boys who aren’t chosen?  They die. The stakes are as high as stakes can get. It’s a competition like The Hunger Games…the winner is the only survivor. Book one in a trilogy – looking forward to book 2!

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