The Aurora County All-Stars

The Aurora County All-Stars

Aurora County All-StarsHouse Jackson, team captain and star pitcher of the Aurora County All-Stars, loves baseball. He’s had a bum year nursing a broken elbow – an elbow broken by his least favorite girl in the world, Frances Shotz.  While sitting out the last season, House’s father ropes home into reading classic books outloud to a bed bound old guy the other kids call “mean man Boyd”.  The thing is, House likes Mr. Norwood Rhinehart Beauregard Boyd.  Embarrassed about how he’s spent his time, House manages to keep his reading aloud secret, until Mr. Boyd dies and leaves House a note that sets in motion the revelation of several town secrets.  The secrets unravel as Frances and House battle over which event will occur on July fourth, the town’s bicentennial pageant or the annual fourth of July baseball game. Author: Deborah Wiles

  • Read an Interview with the author, Deborah Wiles
  • Read Chapter One
  • The Aurora County All-Stars on CD

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