The Unfortunate Son

The Unfortunate Son

The Unfortunate Son

Luc works hard, even though he’s just a boy. His father is constantly complaining about him and finding more and more work for him to do. He never has enough to eat. When a local fisherman wants to take him on as an apprentice the offer includes living with the fisherman and his sister in the village. Luc can’t believe it when his father lets him go.

Luc works hard on Pons’ fishing boat too but the work is a lot different. Mostly it’s different  because Pons doesn’t yell at him, or complain, or hit him. Pons teaches Luc about the weather, sailing, fishing techniques and the sea.

What’s more, Pons and his sister have also taken in Beatrice, a girl who is the first real friend Luc has ever had. The four of them make a family. Luc feels like his luck has suddenly turned…until the day Pons’ boat is overtaken by pirates and Luc is taken captive and sold into slavery.

When the man who buys Luc gets him home, he directs his servent to give Luc a bath and give him clean clothes. Luc’s wounds are washed and bandaged. He is fed. But then metal bands are places around his ankles.

“These show you are mine. They will protect you.” Luc blinked and stared at the man. He was confused by the gentleness and care. He looked down at the metal bands. Though he understood nothing of the man’s language, he understood that the rings showed he was a slave, that they demonstrated that, despite the kindness, Luc was now the property of this stranger. (page 113)

With a voice that cracked, he [Luc] asked, “Am I never to go home again?” The old man paused. “This is your home now, Luc. Do not speak again of the life you had. It is gone.” (page 114)

Even though he lives now in a nice house and is well fed and going to school, he is still a slave. All Luc wants to do is go home to Pons, Mattie & Beatrice. All Pons, Mattie & Beatrice want is to find him. This is the story of one boy, his changing fortunes and the people who love him. You might be surprised by some of the people who turn out to care. Author: Constance Leeds

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