Coraline Graphic Novel


When Coraline moves into a new house she’s lonely and bored. Her parents are busy and she hasn’t made any friends yet. One day she finds a hidden door. When she goes through the door she enters a world that is a dream come true, a world like her world…only better! Her house is there, only better. Her bedroom has in it what she’s always wanted. Her parents are there, only better. They have time for her and are even fun. And suddenly, her mom can cook delicious meals!

But Coraline’s mom and dad are also different, their eyes are nothing but empty…black…buttons. They want her to sew buttons over her own eyes and stay with them forever. Horrified, Coraline runs back through the hidden door to her own world only to find that her real parents are missing – taken by the “other” mother and trapped in the “other” world. To get them back, Coraline has to return and confront the “other” mother.


Talk about creepy! Monsters and vampires and other things can be scary but you know that really they can’t be real. But what if the scary thing is disguised as something familiar, like your mother? This “other” mother reveals herself to be a very spooky woman! She eats black beetles with her long spindly fingers and tells Coraline that her parents don’t really love her anymore. Coraline’s “real” family might not be perfect, but she wishes them back more than anything, more than glitzy toys and good food and getting her every wish. It takes all of Coraline’s wits and bravery to outsmart the “other” mother and bring her family home. Author: Neil Gaiman

You can read this one two ways, as a regular book or a graphic novel, and you can also go see the movie, it opens Feb. 6th. The author also wrote The Graveyard Book – don’t miss that one either!

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