The Chronicles of Egg: Deadweather and Sunrise

The Chronicles of Egg: Deadweather and Sunrise

Deadweather & Sunrise

Egg’s Cinderella-like (the servant part, not the princess part) life is changed overnight when his family disappears and he is taken in by the wealthy Mr. Pembroke.  Egg thinks life in the Pembroke mansion is pretty sweet. Does he miss his family? Kinda. He doesn’t miss being the family servant at all. Doesn’t miss doing extra chores. Doesn’t miss getting spit on.

But when he discovers that Mr. Pembroke is up to something involving a map of his family’s plantation, Egg starts to suspect that there’s something fishy about the reason Mr. Pembroke suddenly wants to adopt him. And besides, he doesn’t want Millicent Pembroke to be his SISTER. He wants her to be his WIFE.

With the help of Guts, a one-handed cabin boy and Millicent, Egg sets sail on a small boat to return to Deadweather, the pirate-infested island that is home to the plantation and a small army of pirate field hands.

Mr. Pembroke thinks there is a treasure there. Egg’s father thought there was a treasure there. If there is a treasure there, Egg is going to find it and his band of misfit pirate friends have his back. A funny, smashbuckling, treasure hunting adventure in the spirit of Pirates of the Caribbean. Looking forward to book 2. Author: Geoff Rodkey


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