Kid Review – Front Page Face Off

Kid Review – Front Page Face Off

Front Page Face Off

12-year-old Delilah James is one of the top reporters at Brighton Junior Academy and dreams of becoming a Junior Global Journalist. But when an international rival named Ava invades her newsroom and takes over her crush, Delilah finds an unlikely alley in the Debutantes, a.k.a. the Little Debbies. Delilah had written a less-than-flattering idea about the Little Debbies. The group offers Delilah a deal that if Delilah will investigate the rival cliques at schools, they will help her to win the journalist award. Can Delilah manage to take back her top spot as lead reporter and win back the boy? Or is she destined to be yesterday’s news?

Jada says,

“This book is the best. it is a girl flick. and my grade is an A+.”

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