Giants Beware!

Giants Beware!

Giants Beware!Claudette is a sword swinging action girl determined to save her town from an evil giant that lives outside the town walls – a giant that has been terrorizing the townfolk by raiding for its favorite food…baby feet! All the adults want to think the wall is good enough protection. Claudette thinks the best defense is a good offense. She recruits her friend Marie, who aspires to be a princess, her little brother Gaston, who aspires to be a chef, and her pug Valiant, to sneak out of town and kick some giant booty.

Being brave means that even if you are scared, you can still look fear in the eyes and tell it…I’m going to kick your ever-lovin’butt! (page 92)

Claudette’s rag tag band of giant warriors faces certain death at the hands of the apple hag, the river king and the baby feet eating giant himself…and discover that they are braver, tougher, smarter, more loyal and the best friends EVER! A perfect graphic novel adventure for you if you like Amelia Rules! or The Secret Science Alliance.

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