Three Times Lucky

Three Times Lucky

Three Times LuckySixth grader Mo…A+ student, fry cook, best friend to Dale, arch enemy of Anna Celeste, kid to the Colonel and Miss Lana…turns detective when her town’s least likable citizen turns up dead. Who would want to kill Jesse Tatum?  It’s true that nobody liked him much, but kill him? It can’t be anyone in Tupelo Landing can it?

A hot shot city detective shows up and ratchets up the anxiety by asking a lot of uncomfortable questions. Questions that start to point to the Colonel, and even Dale, who’s just a kid!

Starr studied us for one cold, flat minute. “Don’t leave town,” he told the Colonel. Then he nodded to me and headed for the door. We watched him climb into his Impala. “He’s going to be trouble,” the Colonel said, unplugging the jukebox. “Yes, sir,” I said, thinking of Dale. “If you ask me, he already is.” (page 84-85)

That slick Detective Joe Starr might have  a cell phone and a computer but Mo has something he hasn’t got…the Cousin Information Network..and as long as she’s got good enough stuff to make a trade, she can find out everything she needs to know about Jesse Tatum, his girlfriend & his dead cousin. It’s all about who you know and Mo knows everyone…she just doesn’t know everything…can she figure it all out before the murderer strikes again?  Author: Sheila Turnage

If you like reading about Mo and her detecting that revealed hidden information about mysterious happenings as well as information about her own family and herself…try one of these:
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  1. If you are looking for the funniest juvenile mystery of 2012, this should be on your reading list. Moses LoBeau – she’s a girl, call her “Mo,” please – was washed up on the shore of Tupelo Landing, North Carolina as a baby, after a great hurricane. She was taken in by Miss Lana and the Colonel (he doesn’t know where he’s from either) who run a little diner. It’s summer and Mo calls herself a “risin’ 6th Grader”. Life is mostly fun for Mo and her best friend, Dale Earnhardt Johnson III, and all of the odd people in town – all of whom seem to eat at the diner. But she is also obsessed with writing journal entries and letters to her “Upstream Mother” – the woman she imagines must have lost her in the hurricane.

    Suddenly the town’s crankiest resident and worst tipper is found murdered, with Dale being the only person seen nearby at the time. Now the Colonel has disappeared and other people are missing. Can two 12-year-old detectives solve the mystery and help Mo find her place in the world at the same time? Both suspense and humor grow as a new hurricane approaches and everyone becomes a suspect. Great Southern characters and an original voice for Mo bring the story to life. Perfect for reading aloud, if you can stop laughing enough to read.

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