Staff Pick: Circle of Cranes

Staff Pick: Circle of Cranes

Circle of Cranes

Taken from her small, impoverished Chinese village and forced to sew in a New York City sweatshop, thirteen-year-old Suyin is visited by the cranes with which she has a strange connection and learns she is the daughter of the Crane Queen, who needs her help.
Circle of Cranes by Annette Lebox

“A traditional Asian tale of “The Crane Wife” set in modern times, “Circle of Cranes” chronicles the captivating tale of Suyin, a young teenager who is sent to work as a seamstress in New York in the hopes she will garner riches for her impoverished Chinese village.  Quickly disillusioned when she instead finds herself working for pennies in a sweatshop, Suyon receives unexpected help from a flock of cranes that hold the key in discovering her heritage and her destiny.  With vivid prose and a moving plot, Lebox crafts a compelling read that brilliantly weaves the past with the present and creates a world that still finds hope and magic even in the bleakest of times.”

Recommended by Emily Chandler, Lawrence Library

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