Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies AgainJem’s Dad loses his job and starts to make various ” improvements” around the house. He’s clever…ingenius even…but dangerous!  (“That’s all part of the fun of it!” He smiled and wiped the blood away. “The word today is fun.”) When his inventions threaten to injure or maim the family his wife brings home an old VW camper that needs an overhaul. This keeps Mr. Tooting in the garage and OUT of the house.

Lucy: “He’s got to be stopped. You said so yourself. And that’s what the camper van’s for. It’s a total wreck. He’ll neer be able to fix it really. But it’ll keep him busy, keep him out of trouble, keep him happy, and stop him from doing his home improvements.” (page 22)

And the plan works. Mr. Tooting painstakingly takes the old camper completely apart but gets stuck putting it back together again until Jem finds a detailed diagrm of the 1966 camper van online and downloads a copy.

Before the diagram, all the bits of metal and rubber spread out on the driveway were nothing but dirty old junk. After the diagram, they were pieces of the biggest, most complicated jigsaw puzzle ever.” (page 27)

Jem and his Dad just can’t walk away. They work on the puzzle until they have a fully restored camper ready for a family adventure. and they make some enhancements. What they don’t know, is that the camper has a plan of it’s own and once it’s in motion, the Tootings have to hang on tight! This camper can FLY…and SWIM…and it goes where it wants to go! A fun adventure in the spirit of Herbie the Love Bug, Spy Kids and Bumblebee. Some cars have a mind of their own. Author: Frank Cottrell Boyce

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Don’t miss the original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang about the inventor who made Chitty in the first place. The movie is also really great – and the script was co-written by none other than Roald Dahl!
Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
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