When’s the last time you got fed?” Beulah responded by clamping down on Mickey’s left foot and throwing a meaty coil around both his legs. “Easy, Princess,” he said. The Python wrapped upward with another coil, and then another. Mickey quickly locked both arms in front of his chest to protect his lungs from being crushed, but he was out of shape and Beulah was extremely powerful. “Wahoo!” he hollered. “Yo!” “What?” Called a voice from the house. “Get your butt out here!” (page 24)

Wahoo’s Dad Mickey is an animal wrangler. If there is an alligator, snake, lizard, bear or leopard in a movie, chances are Wahoo’s Dad was there during filming. The animals live on their property and Wahoo helps take care of them…when he remembers!

Times are kind of lean in the animal wrangling business and Wahoo’s family is having trouble making ends meet. When the reality television show “Expedition Survival” calls wanting to use some of the animals on an upcoming episode, Wahoo and his Dad can’t wait to get started…until they meet the show’s star – Derek Badger, “Mr. Show Business”. It’s going to take all of Mickey and Wahoo’s knowledge and patience to keep Derek alive, because they know what the animals are thinking, “All you stupid humans taste the same!” Author: Carl Hiassen

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