H.I.V.E. #6: Zero Hour

H.I.V.E. #6: Zero Hour

Zero HourH.I.V.E. arch nemesis Overlord is back from the dead and he is dis-pleased that Otto escaped his clutches in the last H.I.V.E. adventure. He is determined to capture Otto this time and he isn’t taking no for an answer. He has to get Otto for good this time because he’s dying. This is not supposed to happen to artificial intelligence!

To keep himself alive Overlord has to “occupy” a body (kind of like Voldemort) – and not just any body will do – he needs Otto’s. Overlord is a computer program and Otto has hardware embedded in his brain; a place for Overlord to “live”. Overlord’s getting by, surviving in his zombie like way hopping from one poor victim to the next, but the ordinary bodies keep wearing out and the process of getting another one is getting old. The ONE body in all the WORLD that can “hold” Overlord is Otto’s.

Otto cannot fall into Overlord’s hands, an not just because we like him. (We do!) It’s just that Overlord’s world domination is NOT an option. When Overloard manages to take over H.I.V.E., the one place in the world secure enough to keep Otto save, it is zero hour, do or die. Otto and his friends are in the thick of it again. Great super hero adventure with over the top technology and just a liiiiittle bit of kissing. Author: Mark Walden

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