The Penderwicks

The Penderwicks

The PenderwicksLike you, the four Penderwick sisters are on summer vacation.  Their Dad has rented a house in the Berkshire Mountains where he lets the girls roam on their own to seek out adventure.  Rosalind (the boss), Jane (the dreamer, novelist), Skye (the temperamental competitor) & Batty (the shy animal lover) find adventure next door when one of the girls spots a figure looking out the window of the fancy mansion next door.  The girls set out to investigate the mountain, the mansion & the figure in the window and find an unlikely kindred spirit. Author: Jeanne Birdsall


The Penderwicks Series:

#1: The Penderwicks on CD, Downloadable eBook and eAudio
#2: The Penderwicks on Gardam Street on CD, Downloadable eBook and eAudio
#3: The Penderwicks at Point Mouette on CD, Downloadable eBook and eAudio

The Penderwicks have more fun together on Gardam Street – don’t miss that one. If you like the idea of a bunch of sisters, try Little Women or The Callahan Cousins: Summer Begins.

The Penderwicks of Garham Street Summer Begins Little Women Any Which Wall
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  1. I loved reading The Penderwicks! I think I’m kind of a cross between Jane and Skye. I have a baby sister so I don’t really know how it’s like to have three sisters. {plus a brother too but I guess that doesn’t count.} I’m doing a book report on The Penderwicks, too.

    I’m almost twelve!

    To Annie: hmm… how about a few trivia questions? E.g. “What are the rabbits named?” or “What colour is Skye’s eyes?”

    Jaslyn! <3

  2. Is The Penderwicks the book you read or are you going to talk about a different book tonight?

  3. Hey I love your books, I am ten years old and have my own book club with my friends, tonight is the book club and I need some questions to ask them could anyone help me? Thanks a lot love you and your books.
    From Annie

  4. the penderwicks is an awsome book and no one can tell me different so do not hate this book.:)

  5. You know, if you read “the Penderwicks on Gardam Street” you will simply love it alot better!!!

  6. I loved the book beacause it was about 4 sisters and i have a sister so i know what its like. And it is very exiting. I loved the first book because it kept me reading that summer. I liked the second one because it had Halloween in it and I love Halloween. I relate to Skye because we love sports, and we look alike, and we get annoyed when our sisters bug us. I am 9 years old. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and belong to a book club that read your books. You met my friend Callie at a book signing last spring and we gave you our book club photograph. Are you going to have a third, fourth, fifth and sixth boook? If you do, maybe you should write it about when all the girls get in trouble for playing with their neighbor’s dog and maybe the neighbor can accuse them of stealing it. Bye.

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