Lego League & Junior First Lego League Robotics Day

Lego League & Junior First Lego League Robotics Day


LegoLeagueGraphicAll day on Saturday, Nov. 23rd, everyone is invited to check out Central Library’s inaugural LEGO robotics tournament! LegoLogoThis is your chance to meet 18 real-life central Indiana FIRST LEGO League and Jr. FIRST LEGO League robotics teams who will be showcasing their research, ideas, and solutions for extreme weather! The morning will highlight Jr. FLL teams presenting natural disaster preparedness and response projects, while the afternoon will feature this year’s exciting robot game challenges which face the FLL teams! Be sure to drop in, experience the fun, share the enthusiasm, and cheer the teams on! Event Details.

There are some things you can just never have enough of…M&Ms…and Legos! Here are some websites & books to keep ideas coming little brick by little brick.

There are two places you can go in Indianapolis this summer to experience exceptional Lego play – The Library and the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:

Lego Library books to keep you building:
LegoCity LegoMinifigs LegoStarWars LegoAdventure
LegoSuperheroes LegoSith LegoSummer LegoBook
LegoMan LegoIdeas LegoCool LegoBible
LegoFarm LegoCoolCars LegoCoolCastles LegoCoolCity
LegoRobots LegoToys
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