Staff Pick: The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

Staff Pick: The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas BenedictIf you know The Mysterious Benedict Society then you’ve already met Reynie (brilliant), Sticky (everything he sees, hears or reads…sticks), Kate (with her bucket of tools) and tiny, brilliant Constance. The children have been pulled together by their mentor and benefactor Mr. Nicholas Benedict, to use their considerable talents to follow clues, solve puzzles and figure out codes to keep bad guys in check. But where did Mr. Benedict himself come from? Why does he feel compelled to take on the world’s evils be assembling a brilliant group of kids? He could recruit Navy Seals or Marines, but no, he chooses kids. Why is that?

This book begins the answer to that question as you learn what Mr. Benedict’s childhood was like and how he became such an expert on, well, everything!

Smarts, friend loyalty, a mystery – it’s all there, just like in the other Mysterious Benedict Society Adventures. Author: Trenton Lee Stewart

Stewart has gone back in time 40-50 years to show us the early life of Nicholas Benedict, the quirky genius who started the MBS.   Nicholas is a nine-year old orphan, being shuttled to orphanages and foster homes, when he arrives at the orphanage of Rothschild’s End, known as “The Manor.”  Nicholas is already a genius, with a tremendous reading speed and an eidetic memory, able to remember anything he reads.  He is also undersized and has narcolepsy, meaning he is apt to fall asleep at particularly inconvenient moments.  He has never had a friend and understands nothing about the dynamics of a family.  The orphanage is in serious financial trouble, in danger of closing, and has several bullies and a staff severely deficient in the knowledge of how to take care of children.  Just surviving is going to be a challenge for Nicholas; but there is the rumor of a missing Rothschild treasure to spur him on. 

This is clever, can’t-put-it-down writing, with interesting characters and several nice twists at the end.  You could easily start with this one in the series or start with “The Mysterious Benedict Society.”

Recommended by, Steve Bridge – Irvington

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