The Heroes of Olympus #3: The Mark of Athena Cover & Chapter One!

The Heroes of Olympus #3: The Mark of Athena Cover & Chapter One!

The Mark of Athena

Read Chapter One

On his Blog: Myth & Mystery Rick Riordan says this, which is pretty exciting:

“What is the scene on the cover? Is that who you think it is, about to fight??  Can’t tell you, but yes, that is an actual scene from the book, and the meaning will be clear when you read it. 

Well, it’s finally October 2nd – I hope my copy comes in today! If you like to talk about the Heroes of Olympus; the characters, the book covers, the prophecy and who might date who, you might like looking at the comments that have accumulated so far about the first two books. Over 1700 for each of them!

After you finish The Mark of Athena, come back and tell us what you thought.


The Heroes of Olympus Series

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  1. I swear, if Jason beats Percy then I am not going to read the fourth book.

    @Lovey143 I for one want Percy and Jason to fight because I (and I think everyone who’s read the Percy Jackson series) have grown fond of Percy, and since everyone keeps saying how good a fighter Jason is I want to see Percy show them that… HE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!

  2. @Danny not necesserily. Jasob could very well beat (or come close to beating) percy.

    And why does everyone want them to fight so bad? If they do fight than they wont be able to work together to defeat Gaea.

  3. Its possible thhat they are going to fight because on the cover for like brazil or something they are sword fighting on the Argo II but seriously RR needs to just give me this book or i might die.

  4. I don’t care what anyone else thinks Percy and Jason ARE going to fight and when the book comes out I’m going to show you. !!!!!!!SHOW YOU ALL!!!!!!

  5. Percy Champion of the gods Bane of the Titans Hero of olympus son of posidon faces his greatest threat JASON GRACE

  6. @kdadk thats what im saying. Like rick probably wouldnt make it like that.

    @PJO i guess we lost some fans. -_- sucks to be them

  7. How come the book is out in 3 months and we only got about 90 comments while in Son blog when it was 3 months we already hit our 1k mark colsing in on 1.5 . Actually the comments in that blog went slower after I left you guys didn’t even hit 2k ๐Ÿ™

  8. Danny ur saying you cant wait to see what happens when certain characters meet but you didnt mention reyna meeting piper wich is pretty important because (SPOILER ALERT for TLH and SON)in the lost hero piper and jason get really close and both say that they like each other but in the son of neptune reyna says to percy that herself and jason were really close

  9. i dont think percy and jason are fighting thats probobly what they want us to assume and all you people are taking the cover way too litteral jason and percy are most likly going to be fighting something together

  10. I dont mean to be irrevlevant but i have a question about the novel A Walk To Remember by Nicholas Sparks that i need answered. Heres my question (*SPOILER ALERT*): Did Jamie Sullivan die at the end of the book?

  11. well ican’t wait to see how they interact Frank meets leo Hazel Meets Leo Reyna meets leo Reyna meets annabeth Annabeth meets frank Annabeth meets hazel and wait for it…………………………………………………….. PERCY MEETS JASON

  12. Oh and pjo don’t mean to be rude but I’ll envy u when hades freezes over

  13. Having to wait 4 the book is torture what do y’all think will happen be specific not vague

  14. Have any of you guys heard about or listebd to the band black veil brides and if so what do y’all think of them

  15. Pjo I remember you mistรบer and don’t laugh I if I misspelled that french word

  16. @son of gods what does everyone else’s bacon taste like? isn’t the same

  17. My bday is july 22nd a month and somthin days after the summer solstice

  18. @lovey143 i am canadian so we call it rememberance day and it is on november the 11th because that is when world world 1 ended

  19. @MeMyselfAndI you dont know what memorial day is? Well in USA its the day when we celebrate all the soldiers and how much they have done for our country and we thank them for sacrificing their lives.

    @PJO looks like you got me there (:

  20. @PJO wow u live in the dominican republic?? i used 2 live there. hehe

    im sorry i havent bee on as much as i want to. i got a busy summer

  21. @Lovey143 I live in Dominican Republic so I count Memorial Day like it’s just another day, but the book is the reason were all commenting so… WHO’S THE SUCKER NOW? OH YEAH! ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. I JUST checked out the release date for the book (October 2nd), and guess what? That’s my birthday SUCKERS!!!!!!. Plus it’s also Mahattma Ghandi’s (may he rest in peace) birthday too! Yeah thats right my birthday celebrates Ghandi’s AND the books birthday AND also it was the release day of the first PEANUTS comic strip ๐Ÿ™‚ . Yeah that’s right you all envy me MUAHAHAHAHHAHA MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. @Loki probably not because the book will most likely involve all the characters we know. But maybe he’ll release clues…?

  24. CHECK OUT RICKS BLOG!!!!!!!! Did you know Drew from The Serpants shadow is the same drew for The Lost Hero!!! Rick said so himself!!! Cool! It might be a hint at a future crossover!!!!!!! WOAH

  25. the book version of the avengers would be

    Percy Jackson-Thor
    Artemis Fowl-Iron Man
    Katniss Everdeen-Hawkeye
    Alex Rider-Black Widow
    Maximum Ride-Captain America
    Number 4-Hulk

  26. Maauaauauuauauauaua @Pjo great minds think alike ahahahahahhahahahand Lovey although hes don ewith with kane chronicles for Know hes probably started his norse mythos series which like the kane chornicle swill take place in the same world as Pjo soon there shall be a crossover like the avengers sortov

  27. I heard that RR was done with the Kane series so if he’s done it is possible that after MoA the books will be released alot quicker which is good (:

  28. ok its obviously percy and jason, percy on black jack and jason on his ventus.

    and welcome all you newbies 2 this blog!!!!

  29. @Loki Thats what I said!

    @annabeth 2 I don’t really think that anyones going to be that jealous in a children’s book plusthose aren’t really good reasons to fight each other unless ther being hypnotized or something.

  30. @loki and Blood of Eumolpus hey guys nice 2 meet you
    ok what if jason was jealous of percy because percy defeated more titans and he got jason’s praetor postition so he kinda might be really jealous of percy because he might be getting all the attention

  31. you guys are looking at all wrong see you guys are saying there either fight ing each other or the owl what if there under spell and possibly the mark of athena is there to free them right before they kill each othet just guessing thou Teeheeee

  32. @Lovey143 They can’t be fighting the mark of Athena because in the cover they’re about to clash with their swords raised, of course the illustrator probably made it like that to fool us but I really don’t think that their really going to FIGHT the mark of Athena. Actually I think that the mark of Athena is the gift in her pocket that Annabeth said her mother had given her.

  33. hello friends im new but i would love to to join LOL LOL LOL LOL aahhahahahahahhahahahaha

  34. ooooooooooooooh its good to be back hero leo is my favorite side from percy

  35. @PJo i remeber you im pretty sure everyone does oh and Loki welcome to the party oooooooooooh and percy jackson live sin the same world as the kane chronicles why because lacy from aphrodite cabin danced with carter and drew was there plus sadie said the lacy told they b oth went to a camp

  36. Hi im new! anyways the two people on there aren’t facing the owl so they’re probably not fighting it. The POVs have to be new people because otherwise RR might risk some people getting bored. It’s probably going to be annabeth, reyna, octavian, and someone who’s a red herring and is going to be on the Argo II but dies later on. OMG I can’t wait for the book to come out.

  37. why would they being fighting the owl. and i hope the four are annabeth, percy, jason and wither hazel or frank

  38. @PJO i remember you! And um i dont think they are fighting each other. I think they’re fighting the owl which is the mark of athena as i’ve already said many times but i dont really know.

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