Cold Cereal

Cold Cereal

Cold Cereal

When sixth grader Scottish Play Doe starts a new school he prefers to go by “Scott”. Wouldn’t you? Erno and Emily are twins in Scott’s class. They are wicked smart – especially Emily. This makes them “weird”, kind of like Scott the new kid with the funny name, so they end up sitting together on the bus. The three of them discover that smart is something they have in common. That, and the fact that Scott’s Mom and Erno and Emily’s foster Dad both work at the Goodco Cereal Company.

On a field trip to the city, Scott catches a tiny little man…a leprechaun (like the Lucky Charms guy) trying to steal his backpack. Mick the leprechaun, or clurichaun as he prefers, claims Scott can rescue him from the evil people at Goodco who steal his magic to “fortify” their cereal. After all “There’s a Little Bit of Magic in Every Box!” What else can Scott and his friends do but help the little guy?

Erno and Emily’s foster Dad is wicked smart too, just like Emily. He might just be plain old wicked though, because he disappears just when the kids find out that Emily has been the test subject for the stuff Goodco uses to fortify cereal. She is, in fact, a human experiment.Then some bad guys from Goodco come after Emily – they want to dissect her to study the effects of their experiment. Erno and Scott suspect that evil is afoot at Goodco and that whatever Emily has been given to make her wicked smart is related to the magic that has been stolen from Mick and some of his magical cereal box friends. Scott and Erno take Emily and make a break for it, determined to get justice for Emily and their new magical friends.

Adam Rex comes up with the craziest scenarios but he makes the characters SO likeable and SO funny…who cares if breakfast cereal characters have come to life? And besides, I love a careening adventure that has as it’s core exposing people who will do anything to anyone to make a sale. Looking forward to books #2 and #3 for some magical, kid fortified justice! Favorite character? The sassy clurachaun Mick and Biggs, Erno and Emily’s 8 foot tall Butler. When you are being chased by goons it’s always good to have a cereal fortified giant on your side.  Author: Adam Rex

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