Ancient Cultures

Ancient Cultures

Ancient Worlds

In Ancient Worlds, discover the ancient ways of old civilizations in Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Find out about their everyday life including what they ate, how they dressed, what they believed and what they thought was valuable. Listed below are several other books and website that will help you learn about the ancient world. You may be familiar with ancient Egypt because you have heard of King Tut or the pyramids. You may be familiar with Ancient Greece because you have heard the myths or heard about Ancient Rome and its Coliseum. What do you know, though, about Ancient India or Ancient Africa? There were cultures living all over the world in  ancient times making early contributions to math, science and literature as well as engineering. The seven wonders of the ancient world are amazing evidence of their ingenuity and creativity.

At The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis you can see and sometimes touch ancient artifacts. Here are some Ancient Egyptian Artifacts from The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis:

Canopic Jar – “During embalming, the process used to create a mummy, specific internal organs were removed from the body in order to preserve them for the afterlife. Considered to be the most important organs, the lungs, liver, stomach and intestines were carefully stored in special containers called canopic jars.”

Mummified Falcon – “In Ancient Egypt, “many animals, including falcons and cats, were associated with powerful gods and considered sacred. Once mummfied, they were buried as offerings at temples and shrines dedicated to their associated deities. Falcons were believed to be an animal form taken by the sun god Horus, referred to as the Falcon God.”

Anubis Miniature Statue – “Anubis was the undertaker of the Ancient Egyptian mythological world….his job was to prepare the dead for their journey to eternal life, conduct their funerals, and accompany them to their tombs.”

See more Ancient Artifacts at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Websites, Activities & Printables

World History in Context LogoWorld History in Context: Ancient History is a database you can use in any IndyPL Library Branch or at home. Login using your library card number. World History in Context will show you magazines, videos and more about ancient civilizations.


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