Waiting for Normal

Waiting for Normal

Waiting for NormalSixth grader Addison had a taste of “normal” while her mother and step-father Dwight were married.  She even had two younger half sisters to share her life with.  But after the divorce, Dwight got custody of her two half sisters and Addie began a new and different life with “Mommers”.

Addie’s mom sleeps most of the day and then leaves Addie alone at night to “go out” or follow her “business interests” with a new boyfriend.  It isn’t that Mommers doesn’t love Addie, it’s that she doesn’t take care of her.  Mommers is irresponsible, doesn’t tell the truth and often leaves Addie alone for days with very little food.  Mommers shows up with food and promises for the future just enough times to keep Addie believing that things will get better…get more normal…but things don’t get better.

Addie works hard in school, practices her flute and tries really hard to make it appear that her life is normal to her Grandpa, to Dwight, to her neighbors and to her teacher.  More than anything, Addie doesn’t want to get Mommers in trouble.  Addie loves Mommers, but deep down longs for the life her half sisters have with Dwight and his new wife.  A near tragedy when Addie is left alone brings out the truth. It’s time for Mommers to make a choice. Author: Leslie Connor

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  1. You may never be a “super hero” but everyone can be a hero in ways that more deeply affect our world than x-ray vision or bending steel ever will. In Waiting for Normal: A Novel author Leslie Connor gives us a true hero in Addison Schmeeter. This delightful 12 year old is thoughtful, optimistic and trying to make the best of living with a dysfunctional mother. While never depressing, this charming story gives us a glimpse into how poverty, mental illness and learning disabilities, while tragedies, sometimes make us stronger.

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