Middle Ages

Middle Ages

The Middle Ages, or Medieval period, lasted from the 5th to the 15th century. This period is known for barbarian invasions, the Plague, Feudalism (a social structure of knights, nobles & peasants), Castles & the Crusades.


Non-Fiction Books:

You Wouldnt Want to be in a Medieval Dungeon Theres a Rat in my Soup The Miserable Life of Medieval Peasants Stonemason
Lady of the Manor Dont Let the Barber Pull Your Teeth Medieval Life Meieval Castle Adventures Art
Medieval Science Did Castles Have Bathrooms Good Masters Sweet Ladies You Wouldnt Want to be a Medieval Knight
Archers Alchemists etc The Crafts and Culture of a Medieval Town Arts and Crafts Knights and Castles Castles and Knights
Eyewitness Knight Life During Medieval Times Meet the Medievals The Black Death

Fiction Books:

Run Far Run Fast Beowulf a Heros Tale Retold Chaucers Canterbury Tales Whittington
Crispin The Door in the Wall The Executioners Daughter The Midwifes Apprentice
The Ramsay Scallop Brother Hugo and the Bear
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