Adventures of the treasure fleet : China discovers the world 2006 American Archaeology Uncovers the Vikings 2010 Epic Voyages 2010 Explorers Trappers and Pioneers 2012
Into the unknown : how great explorers found their way by land, sea, and air 2011 Land ho! : fifty glorious years in the age of exploration with 12 important explorers 2001 The plant hunters : true stories of their daring adventures to the far corners of the Earth 2012 Space Exploration (Eyewitness) 2010
Who Was First Discovering the Americas 2007 The world made new: why the Age of Exploration happened & how it changed the world 2007 Down the Colorado : John Wesley Powell, the one-armed explorer 2007 Women Explorers 2012
I Matthew Henson 2008 Lewis & Clark 2011 The Life and Time of Erik the Red 2009 Marco Polo 2008
Snow baby : The Arctic childhood of Admiral Robert E. Peary's daring daughter 2007 The trailblazing life of Daniel Boone : and how early Americans took to the road 2007 Trailblazers : poems of exploration 2007
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