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Read Explorer – Follow in the footstops of intrepid travelers on their journeys around the world – and beyond in Eye Wonder: Explorers. Find out about daring adventurers and thier discoveries in far off lands, from Marco Polo to the Mars Rover. Packed with facts, accesible text, and dramatic, atmospheric photography, Eye Wonders are the perfect educational start for young children.

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Read Women Explorer – Though most people have heard of explorers like Henry Hudson and Christopher Columbus, few have heard names like Nellie Cashman and Annie Smith Peck. Unfortunately, most of the brave women explorers have never made it into history books because they lived in times when it was taboo for women to go off on their own. Luckily, the daring women in this book didn’t let those taboos slow them down!

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Read Viking – In Eye Wonder: Viking, meet the “Norsemen” and find out about their epic voyages, special festivals, and daily lives. Discover how Vikings became the scourge of Europe, and how they influence the way we live today. Were they fearsome and bloodthirsty or brave adventurers who explored the world?



Adventurs on the Ancient Silk Road Alexander the Great Uncovering Vikings_1 Bird and Igloo
Columbus Conquistadors Down the Colorado Epic Voyages
Explore The Most Dangerous Journeys of All Time Explorers Trappers & Pioneers Eyewitness Explorer Into the Unknown
Into the West The Journals of Lewis & Clark Marco Polo Plant Hunters
Sailing the Unknown The Spanish in Early America Who Was First Women Explorers
The World Made New A World of Her Own Your Life as a Private on the Lewis and Clark Expedition

Find Books About These Explorers:

Alexander the Great
Amundsen, Roald
Balboa, Vasco Nunez de
Boone, Daniel
Byrd, Richard
Cabot, John
Carson, Kit
Cartier, Jacques
Champlain, Samuel
Clark, William
Columbus, Christopher
Cook, Captain James
Coronado, Francisco Vasquez de
Cortes, Hernan
Drake, Sir Francis
Henson, Matthew
Hudson, Henry
La Salle, Sieur de
Lewis, Meriwether
Magellan, Ferdinand
Peary, Robert
Pizarro, Francisco
Polo, Marco
Ponce de Leon, Juan
Powell, John Wesley
Raleigh, Sir Walter
Shackleton, Ernest
Soto, Hernando de
Vespucci, Amerigo
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