U.S. Civil War

U.S. Civil War

Eyewitness Civil War The U.S. Civil War lasted from 1861-1865. It was between the Northern States (the Union) and the Southern States (the Confederacy). Famous events of The Civil War include:

Famous people of The Civil War include:


Focus on Indiana

Indiana & the U.S. Civil War:

Non-Fiction Books:

CivilSecretHarriet CivilAZ CivilBrady CivilOutrageous
CivilDressing CivilEyewitness CivilScholastic CivilSpy
CivilSpying CivilJoke CivilSiege CivilAppomattax
CivilVoices CivilGettysberg CivilWouldnt LincolnFreedman


CivilRedMoon CivilHomer CivilRedBadge
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