The London Eye Mystery

The London Eye Mystery

The London Eye Mystery

Good detectives can manage a lot of information coming into their brain. They choose which pieces of information to concentrate on. In, The London Eye,Ted doesn’t know it, but he is naturally wired with good detective skills. He is able to easily choose one type of information to concentrate on which helps him use his logic skills to solve the mystery.

Ted and Kat’s cousin Salim comes to their home in London for a visit and they take him to the popular tourist attraction the London Eye, an enormous ferris wheel. At 443 feet high, riders on the Eye can see 25 miles in all directions. The thing is so large, 800 passengers can ride at once! (The Eye is really real, you can go to London to ride on it.) While the kids are standing in line, a stranger appoaches and offers them a free ticket. Salim uses the free ticket to enter the ride and his cousins watch as the car he enters moves up and over the wheel and back to the ground, where all of the riders get off…except…Salim…who has disappeared into thin air. How can a kid enter a ride and never get off again? And who was the stranger that gave Salim the ticket?

The police are stumped and the adults are emotionally overcome, barely able to function themselves let alone think through any kind of investigation. Ted and Kat, the last two to see Salim alive, shelve their sibling rivalry and pool their brain power to uncover clues and follow leads all over London. Kat uses her customary impatience to keep the momentum of their sleuthing moving forward. Ted uses his encyclopedic brain, his literal view of the world, and his detachment from emotion to concentrate on the known facts, and just the facts, to track the clues. A page turning, suspenseful ride with the best kind of hero – a guy whose unusual way of thinking finally gets the respect it deserves. Author: Siobhan Dowd

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  1. THanks! I ahve been searching for 30 minutes on trying to find skeleton Creek. I couldn’t remember the title or author. Thanks

  2. Thanks for not giving it away! If you like creepy and cool at the same time – try Skeleton Creek. In that one, you read a chapter, and then go on the internet and watch a video that tells more of the story. Then you go back and read another chapter, then a video, etc. – you alternate back and forth between the book and videos. It’s a different kind of storytelling. Skeleton Creek is more creepy than this one…and it is a series so you don’t get all the answers at the end. You have to wait for the next book to come out to hear more of the story.

  3. This book is creepy and cool at the same time!!!!!
    Its suspenseful too!
    I was trying and trying to figure out
    who would that whoops
    can’t tell!!!!

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