The Beyonders #2: Seeds of Rebellion

The Beyonders #2: Seeds of Rebellion

The Grimm Legacy

Jason returns to Lyrian in Beyonders #2 and is again swept up in the epic battle against the Emperor Maldor. Jason teams up with the legendary Blind King to carry out the only plan they believes can save Lyrian from an evil end – the remaining groups of free people must unite and rebel against the emperor together. As the saying goes, “United we stand, divided we fall.”

And if you don’t think banking on the blind guy is wise – you should see him with a sword! Plus, he’s got some wizard skills. Getting these groups together though is like another old saying, “It’s like herding cats.” In other words – it seems impossible! The Blind King is a legend though and his name alone gets some attention. When words spreads that he is assembling a rebellion interest grows.

Maldor hears about this and is none to pleased. He sends his personal army of torivors – shadow men with no facial features who are inhumanly fast and require no sleep – to hunt down The Blind King and his friends. Jason and Rachel, just like the last time, are right in the thick of it. They don’t know what it is yet, but both of them have been pulled from the Beyond (our time) for this epic battle. Maybe in book #3 we’ll find out why…if they can stay alive that long…because if an inhuman shadow man doesn’t do them in a giant swamp squid with razor sharp teeth might. Or a traitor.

Author: Brandon Mull

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