Homework Help: Money

Homework Help: Money

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Eyewitness Money is a great place to start to begin learning what you need to know about money. In it you will find out how long money has been around. Right now our money is paper and coins but money has also been stone, shells and beads.

No matter what money is made of, people need to know how to earn it and trade it as well as save it. They also need to know how to count it and how to make change with it. Listed below are books and websites that will help you do just that. 


United States Mint: Pocket Change
United States Mint: How Money Is Made
History of the US Treasury
Bureau of Engraving & Printing
FDIC Learning Bank
Which Presidents Are On Your Money?
Online Game: How to Count Money
Printable: Trading Up Money Exchange Game
Printable: How Many Coins in a Dollar?
Printable: Counting Out Money & Pretend Coins & Dollars

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