Kendra and Seth think they are going to be bored spending time at their Grandparent’s estate while their parents go on a cruise. Once there, however, they discover their Grandmother is actually missing and that the estate is really a secret nature preserve for magical creatures – fairies, trolls, satyrs and more.  Grandpa and Grandma are the preserve’s caretakers. Some of the creatures on the preserve are nice…and some are not. There are rules and treaties that govern the preserve so that the creatures can all exist together peacefully. Some creatures follow the rules…and some don’t! The caretaker’s house is protected from even the evil creatures…except for certain nights, like Midsummers Eve, when the bad guys can roam free everywhere.

Kendra is careful and studious, always trying to think through situations before making a decision.  Seth is curious and spontaneous, acting before he thinks while he is caught up in the moment. On Midsummers Eve Seth makes a spontaneous, careless choice that leaves them all vulnerable to attack. If you liked Spiderwick Chronicles I think you’ll like this.  Fablehaven is a series that will eventually have five books.  I especially liked Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star, but I really enjoyed them all and am looking forward to book four. Author: Brandon Mull

#1: Fablehaven
#2: Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star
#3: Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague
#4: Secrets of the Dragon Sanctuary

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  1. Fabelhaven books are the best books of all time!!!Im on the 4th book and I still cant tell whats going to happen next!It’s so exiting and mystirious.I CANT BELIVE VERL HAS A CRUSH ON KENDRA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He likes her so much I started laughing.Personly I think the centars are jerks, and so are the nadias.But leana and BroadHoof are awesome.I almost started to cry when lena died.Seth was born to caues mischeif.He makes me laugh.

  2. Kendra and Seth believe that they are going to be bored at Grandpa Sorenson’s house, who they barely even know. Turns out, Grandpa Sorenson has a big house, a swimming pool, and a grand garden. Grandpa tells them that the forest is off-limits. Well, Seth, being a natural rule-breaker, decides that the first thing he has to do is see the forest.
    Kendra is quite the opposite of Seth. She gets good grades, and never breaks rules.
    One day, Kendra and Seth discover that what their Grandpa owns is really a magical preserve called Fablehaven. The creatures inside the walls of Fablehaven are bound by rules and a treaty. When some creatures break these rules, Kendra and Seth must journey to save Fablehaven, their family, and perhaps even the world.

    Follow Seth and Kendra in books 1-5.

  3. I find this so similer to Harry Potter because its fun to read aloud for adults AND the kids. I know that all my teachers and my parents loved it, as well as my friends.

  4. Have you ever believed in magic or do you still? Do you love fantastic fantasy? If so read this pheonominal series. I found it thrillingly appealing and better than the Harry Potter series.

  5. Staff Recommend: Emilie Van Sloun, East 38th Street Branch Library

    Imagine finding out that your grandparents are the caretakers of a magical kingdom. This happens to Kendra and Seth when they are left in the care of their Grandpa and Grandma Sorenson, who they barely even know. It turns out that they have a huge house, a beautiful yard, and a fantastic swimming pool, but Grandpa has ruled that the forest is off limits. Of course, Seth decides that the forest is the first place he wants to see. Kendra and Seth discover the magical refuge of Fablehaven, and they soon find out that magic creatures really do exist, and breaking rules always has consequences.

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