The Crowfield Demon

The Crowfield Demon

The Crowfield Demon

In The Crowfield Curse, orphan Will became a servant at The Crowfield Abbey so that he would have a place to live and food to eat. Will worked hard. He also learned he had a special gift. Will has the sight. That means he can see the creatures of Old Magic; creatures called the fay most people can’t see. In that first adventure, Will does something important for an Angel. I won’t tell you what, in case you want to read that one first.

In this second adventure Will still lives at the Abbey with Brother Snail, a kind monk who tends the gardens. He also has two special friends, a warrior fay called Shadlock who does work around the Abbey just to be near Will and protect him, and a hobgoblin called Brother Walter –  a small creature that can ride on Will’s shoulder and senses when danger is near.

The hob climbed down from the tree and stood beside Will, his face sharp with anxiety. “Something bad is coming,” he whispered. Will crouched down beside him. “Is it the king?” “No,” the hob said, edging a little closer to him, “Not the king. Something much, much worse than him.” “And it’s in the forest?” The hob nodded. “It’s close by, maybe in the forest, maybe here in the brothermen’s stone place. I don’t know for sure, but I can feel it.” (page 3)

Walter is right, something strange IS going on. The church’s wall has a huge crack in it that is growing wider every day – like a silent, slow earthquake is shaking the Abbey from below. The monks begin to report feeling a presence or something unknown hiding in the shadows as well as haunting dreams – nightmares. There HAS been something hidden deep under the church and the monks have inadvertantly let it loose – a demon even the fay fear.

Brother Snail, Will, Shadlock and the hob set out on a journey to save the Abbey and everyone they know from the ancient demon. Their loyalty to each other and their faith are put to the test as they go toe to toe with an ancient evil. The monks and Will are praying for some help and as is often the case, when a prayer gets answered, it is often very different from what the prayer had in mind! The story is a bit like Frodo and the ring, actually, with Will and his loyal band of friends. Brother Snail is the nurturer/worrier, Shadlock the warrior and hob the trusty sidekick. Walter is a little like Harry Potter’s Dobby, he’s very, very loyal and has some magic powers of his own that Will trusts. I have really liked how the friendship between them has developed since the beginning of The Crowfield Curse, when they didn’t even know each other yet. Author: Pat Walsh

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