Staff Pick: The Only Ones

Staff Pick: The Only Ones

The Only OnesAfter setting off from the island where he has been leading a solitary existence, thirteen-year-old Martin discovers a village with other children who have been living similarly without any adults, since the grown-ups have all been spirited away. Author: Aaron Starmer

“Martin lives on a lonely island with his eccentric father, who insists on staying apart from society to work on his “machine”.  Martin has very little contact with other people, not even with the summer visitors to the island, knowing about the rest of the world only from books.

One day Martin’s father goes off to get the last part for the machine and never returns.   When the summer people don’t return either, Martin rows to the mainland and discovers that everyone in the world has disappeared, except for about 30 children.  These children from all over the United States have mysteriously found their way to a town they have named Xibalba.  There they build a small attempt at community while trying to figure out where everyone went.   Things get much stranger after Martin arrives.
This is a tense, gripping novel, in the tradition of other child-centered societies like Lord of the Flies and Ender’s Game, flavored by a Stephen King-like eeriness, but with original characters and twists.   Questions are answered by the end, but not in ways that readers will predict.   5th-8th grade level.”

Recommended by: Steve Bridge, Irvington Library

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