Skeletal System

Skeletal System
skeleton diagram The Skeletal System is made up of the 206 bones that hold the body up.


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Books about the Skeleton & Bones:

Skeletal System Bones Broken Bones Bones
206 Bones Musculoskeletal System Skeletal System Skeletons & Exoskeletons
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  1. I can see they lead to facts, although, wouldn’t it be easier to just list the information?

  2. If I just reprinted the information, that would be plagiarism. Also, the experts are the people and organizations who collected and presented the information in the websites. For instance, one of the links is from the National Health Museum. By providing the link, you know the exact source of the information and can decide as a researcher if that source is reliable. As a researcher you need to ask yourself, “can I trust this information?”

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