Circulatory System

Circulatory System

The Life Pump


The Circulatory System moves nutrients to the cells of the body to feed them and help them fight disease. The main parts of the Circulatory System are the heart, blood and blood vessels. Arteries carry blood and the oxygen in it from the lungs to all of the other cells of the body. Once the oxygen is used, veins carry the blood back to the heart. Inside the heart are four chambers. Each chamber is a little pump that pushes the blood through the body. It takes 1-2 minutes for blood to circulate all around your body.

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  1. i’m having a test today for what each system does but can’t find a website that tels exaclly what it does, i am a easy breif person -_-

  2. my birthday is jan 16th i have a quiz but who cares and this guy has a heart attack its gross

  3. This website helped me soo much on my Human Body Project. Needed lots of helpful information like this!! -MF <3

  4. OMG This website is so awesome it helped me a lot and it didn’t bore me half to death like most teaching programs do.

  5. Lol I have a test tomorrow and I’m pretty much desperate because I have no idea what the circulatory system is and I have to get the test SIGNED and I don’t wanna disappoint my mom and it’s the beginning of the school year so it’s kinda important. I just got on this site…. Is it any good? The results are kinda mixed up in the comments….. Lol

  6. I hope the site helped you study idk…the Website section has several links to give you a good overview of the Circulatory System. The two videos do too. I hope your test goes well and that your mom is happy with it…mostly I hope YOU are happy with it.

  7. The name of the author of what? This website? Indianapolis Public Library.

  8. What is misleading? Is there information about the Circulatory System you are trying to find that you could not find here?

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