Magyk Silas and Sarah Heap enjoy a quiet wizarding life until their son Septimus, the seventh son of a seventh son, is born.  In a dizzying turn of events Septimus is declared dead at the same time Silas finds a mysterious baby girl abandoned in the forest.  Silas and Sarah agree to raise the baby girl even as they grieve their son.  Ten years pass before the Extraordinary Wizard shows up at their door revealing that the baby girl is really Jenna, princess of the kingdom, whose real identity has been revealed to enemies of the crown.  Jenna is no longer safely hidden in the Heap’s home and is whisked away by the Extraordinary Wizard, Silas, her brother Niko, and a young palace guard named Boy 412.  As they make their escape, those who killed Jenna’s real mother, the queen, are hot on their heels.  Will the princess and her safekeepers by hunted down?  And what really happend to Septimus?  Author: Angie Sage The Magykal Papers

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#1: Magyk on CD, eBook or eAudio
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  1. Staff Recommend: Mary J. Earle, Wayne Branch Library

    The first book in the Septimus Heap series introduces a humorous and exciting world full of magic and politics. Marcia, the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, is working to protect the residents of the Castle from the evil machinations of the wicked necromancer, Domdaniel. Meanwhile, what has happened to Septimus Heap- the super magical seventh son of a seventh son or the infant princess, daughter of the assassinated queen? Sure to be a hit with Harry Potter fans!

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