The Dead Gentleman

The Dead Gentleman

When a long forgotten basement door is uncovered in the lobby of Jezebel’s apartment building she can’t keep herself from taking a look. What could be down the rickety steps in the damp, cement darkness? A boy actually. And he’s got a message for Jezebel.

I don’t have much time. But you’ve got to be warned. Keep safe and trust your instincts. Be careful. Be smart. Be afraid. The Dead Gentleman’s coming.” (page 26)

Then he disappears. Like, poof! Gone. Be afraid. Check! The rest? Not so much!

The fact is The Dead Gentleman IS coming. He’s coming to earth to raise up an army of the walking dead. The basement of Jezebel’s hotel is a portal to another planet, the planet where The Dead Gentleman has his starship anchored, preparing to invade earth. Tommy and Jezebel are the earth’s last hope.This is one careening adventure full of mechanical wonders and two smart kids who figure out what it takes to stop The Dead Gentleman and his zombie army. Loved it. Author: Matthew Cody

If you like Tommy and Jezebel try these books that also pair smart kids with interesting mechanical inventions to take on the bad guys. These books are called “steampunk” – that means a story that involves technology or machines before that technology was actually invented. A lot of times the inventions are complicated robots that work with elaborate sets of gears or clockworks.
The Clockwork Three The Cabinet of Wonders The Celestial Globe Larklight
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