Staff Pick: The Mighty Miss Malone

Staff Pick: The Mighty Miss Malone

The Mighty Miss Malone

Deza Malone is on a journey.  The verbose 12-year old, whom readers first met in Bud, Not Buddy, has lived her entire life in Gary, Indiana, with her mother, father, and 15-year old brother, Jimmie.

A passionate reader, she wants to be just like her teacher, Miss Needham, when she grows up.   But it is 1936 and the Great Depression has forced her father to look for work in Flint, Michigan.  When a month goes by without a letter from him, her mother decides the family should follow him to Flint.

Their trip north takes them through a hobo camp, where Jimmie disappears, bringing even more changes for Deza.  Her mother finds a job in Flint, and Deza faces life in a new city with a new school, new teachers, and new neighbors, all while remaining hopeful that her family will be reunited.
I love Deza’s spunky personality and how she remains true to herself as she dreams of finding that place called Wonderful. Author: Christopher Paul Curtis

Recommended by: Janet Spaulding – Selection

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