The Dragon Turn

The Dragon Turn

The Dragon Turn

The Boy Sherlock Holmes is back on his 5th case. Sherlock is still moody, brilliant and longing for respect from both Scotland Yard and Irene Doyle.  In this case a London magician has turned up missing. All clues lead to a rival magician, Alistair Hemsworth, who can impressively make a dragon appear on stage during his show.

Problem? There is no body, just blood in Hemsworth’s secret workshop. This is the 1870s – no CSI forensics available. Sherlock  starts poking around despite warnings from Inspector Lestrade that he should mind his own business.

To keep out of the notice of Scotland Yard Sherlock is forced to resort to sneaking; maybe a little breaking and entering. The usual. Sherlock is so determined he can find out the truth that he breaks some of his own rules of good detecting, causing himself all manner of trouble. Will Sherlock ever get the respect he deserves? Will he ever admit his feelings for Irene? There’s nothing like a little romance to compel a detective to do his best work. Author: Shane Peacock

Series: The Boy Sherlock Holmes

#1 The Eye of the Crow on Downloadable eBook
#2 Death in the Air
#3 The Vanishing Girl
#4 The Secret Friend
#5 The Dragon Turn

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