Jefferson’s Sons

Jefferson’s Sons

Jefferson's SonsBeverly knows a secret and it’s a big one. It’s really hard not to tell it but he has promised his mama he’ll keep his mouth shut. And Beverly is good at that – keeping his mouth shut – all slaves are good at that. It helps them stay out of trouble.

The secret word rolls around in Beverly’s head though. “Papa.” Even though his Dad is really busy and is gone a lot Beverly lives for when he is around, even though his Dad doesn’t really talk to him much. Beverly can’t call him “Papa” to his face or tell anyone at all who his Dad is, because Beverly’s Dad is Master Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson. Yes, THAT Thomas Jefferson. The one who wrote, “all men are created equal”.

This is the fascinating story of Thomas Jefferson’s children who grew up on Monticello but didn’t live in it. They lived with their Mom in the slave quarters. It isn’t known for sure if this is true, but many scholars think so.

I loved how this story made history more real by putting real people into it. The characters live during a time when slavery was part of life. It’s hard for us to imagine it now. This book reveals a lot about what kind of world that would be – a world where a fair, respected, smart, well-liked man could also own slaves. It’s hard to wrap your head around.

Great, great characters and peek into a complicated piece of history, because even if a man treated his slaves well, they were still slaves. There was still no freedom. The last chapter will put an actual lump in your throat. Author: Kimberly Bradley

Here are some more stories that reveal interesting relationships between free and slave people. These books help us realize that history isn’t just a chain of events, it is about real live people who are hardly ever simple or predictable.
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