Inquisitor’s Apprentice

Inquisitor’s Apprentice

The Inquisitor's ApprenticeSacha lives in New York City in the early 1900s. His New York City is a little different than ours though, in Sacha’s New York City there’s magic, which would be cool except it’s illegal.

Sacha had never quite understood why magic was illegal in America. He just knew that it was. And that his mother and practically every other housewife on Hester Street cheerfully ignored the law whenever disapproving husbands and fathers – not to mention the NYPD Inquisitors – were safely elsewhere.” page 5

In Sacha’s New York some people are a lot like the Dursley’s – suspicious and afraid of magic, so they’ve outlawed it. They even have special policemen called Inquisitors that try to find people doing magic and arrest them. Some people, like Sacha’s family and his neighbors, secretly DO use magic for harmless things – like Mrs. Weasley’s knitting needles. They don’t use magic for cheating or hurting other people and they are very, very quiet about it.

One day when Sacha is at the bakery with his Mom he sees something strange – an aura, or light around the baker’s head. Before he can stop himself he asks what the baker did, because he knows what it looks like – magic! Instantly an NYPD Inquistor appears and Sacha is summoned to the police station for several days of testing for his “magic aptitude.” If Sacha can “see” magic – what a great Inquisitor he would be! What if all the burglars in our world had a light shining around their head, wouldn’t that make police work easy!

Sacha really doesn’t like the idea of being an Inquisitor. What’s he supposed to do, turn in his own Grandpa? On the other hand, Inquisitor’s pay is really good and helping his family like his older sister does is something Sacha really wants. When he passes all the aptitude tests Sacha becomes an apprentice to The Master Inquisitor himself, Maximillian Wolf, and his adventures as a magic crime-fighter begin. Author: Chris Moriarty

Here are two more books that are great adventures and like The Inquisitor’s Apprentice, they do something unusual…they set a magical story right here in in America. It’s unusual. Magical stories are usually set in Europe or if they are set here take place in our modern time. These put a really interesting spin on American history.
Thirteenth Child The Nine Pound Hammer
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