Adam Canfield of the Slash

Adam Canfield of the Slash

Adam Canfield of the SlashAdam Canfield has his hands full.  He describes himself as “the most overprogrammed middle school student in American.”  Despite being flooded with homework, band, the quiz team and more, Adam joins his friend Jennifer as co-editor of the school newspaper The Slash.  Adam and Jennifer take their job as journalists seriously…and uncover some seriously shady deals at school, and in their town.  When they discover that one of those shady deals involves their own principal – what are these upcoming star reporters to do?  Get the scoop of course.  Gather the facts (and get them right), write the story and let justice prevail.  Author: Michael Winerip

Adam Canfield Series:

#1: Adam Canfield of the Slash on CD, Downloadable eBook or eAudio
#2: Adam Canfield Watch Your Back on CD
#3: Adam Canfield The Last Reporter on CD

The Soldier's Voice: The Story of Ernie PyleOne of the most beloved journalists of the 20th Century was Indiana’s own Ernie Pyle.  Ernie reported from the front lines during World War II and told the world the story of the war from the perspective of the enlisted soldiers rather than the Officers.

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    A Pulitzer Prize-winning author draws on his own experiences in journalism to create a unique and highly readable book about students who run a school newspaper called the Slash. Sixth graders Adam and Jennifer, with the help of an over-achieving third grader named Phoebe, pound the pavement to get their scoops. The laughs are real, and so is a major cover-up that involves a memorial gift to the school that is supposed to benefit the students. Only Adam can uncover the truth, and his finger is pointing right at the principal. Full of laughs and insights about human nature, this is a must-read for anyone interested in working on a school newspaper or going into journalism.

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