City of Orphans

City of Orphans

City of Orphans

Maks sells newspapers every day on a street corner so his family can keep the shabby apartment they live in and so they can eat. Just eat. Nothing else. He gets 8 pennies a day.

He also gets threatened by bullies who want to steal the little bit of money he has. When the Plug Uglies gang finally corners him in an alley Maks is pretty sure he’s done for until an unlikely person steps in and saves his face from a certain pounding.

That person? A homeless kid. A girl. With a club. Willa is not a girl you want to mess with. She’s just the sort of friend Maks needs when his sister Emma gets falsely accused of stealing a watch from one of the rooms she cleans at the fancy Waldorf hotel. Emma is thrown into “The Tombs,” the city’s prison and it’s up to Maks to figure out how to save her. He’s got four days to do it or his sister will most likely be found guilty and die in prison from a sickness or starvation. It won’t be from old age.

With the help of an old detective Maks and Willa start an investigation into the missing watch that reveals more about the Waldorf and the fancy people inside it than they ever could have imagined. It reveals quite a bit about the two of THEM also, as well as Maks’ family. These are people to really, really like. They make you hope for the very best to happen to them. Like the first line of the book says, “Amazing things happen.” This book makes you hope those things happen to Maks and his family. Author: Avi

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