H.I.V.E. #5: Rogue

H.I.V.E. #5: Rogue


Wing, Laura, Shelby & Nigel are still at H.I.V.E., (Higher Institute of Villainous Education) learning how to become the world’s top supervillains. Otto isn’t there though, he’s been missing since their last mission months ago.

When a couple villains on the  G.L.O.V.E. (Global League Of Villainous Enterprises) ruling council are gunned down and there is an asassination attempt on G.L.O.V.E.’s leader, Diabolus Darkdoom, the villains suspect they are slowly being hunted down.

Only a specially trained assasin would have the skills to do the impossible things that have brought the villains down, some even inside their own top secret hideouts.  All roads lead to Otto. He’s been missing for months and a video camera catches him at the scene of one of the attacks. But Otto would never turn on his friends, would he?

Otto’s friends don’t think so, Otto might be a villain in training, but he’s no traitor. The kids just want to find Otto and figure out what’s REALLY going on.

Wing hears Headmaster Nero giving this ominous instruction to his favorite assasin Raven:

Try to take him alive, but if that is not possible, you may have to eliminate the threat that he now represents. I cannot allow the rest of the ruling council to be picked off one by one. I hope you understand.” “Perfectly” Raven replied, her expression unreadable. “I will do whatever needs to be done.” (page 103)

What? A shoot to kill order…on Otto? Wing is NOT going to let that happen…so it’s another unauthorized rescue operation…something Wing and his friends are very, very good at. But this time, the kids are taking on Otto himself, or, at least Otto’s skills. Otto’s personality has been shutdown leaving behind a killing machine that is taking orders from someone – someone bent on taking over G.L.O.V.E. and the world. Rescuing Otto while Otto’s trying to kill them…now that’s an assignment. How are they going to rescue Otto…from himself?

These are getting darker and darker as the story progresses. The last chapter in Rogue is especially…how should I say it?….cutthroat? The bad guy is NOT happy with some of his people and deals with them as you would expect a bad guy might.

And the “good” guy, well, the villain fighting the really bad villain…he’s pretty mercilous too when he deals with his enemies. And the last few pages…let’s just say the next H.I.V.E., which is going to be called Zero Hour, will be one non-stop action thriller. When the bad guy awakens from a dead body with red eyes, that’s bad. Very, very bad. Author: Mark Walden

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