The Invisible Order#2: The Fire King

The Invisible Order#2: The Fire King

The Fire King

In book #1, Rise of the Darklings, Emily discovered that fairies, piskies, giants and all kinds of creatures actually do exist, it’s just that most people can’t see them. Emily discovers she CAN see them the day  she saves a piskie after a battle that takes place in the middle of a London street.

In this second adventure an approaching war between fairy world factions could result in the return of the Fire King, an event that will destroy our world as we know it, including all of the humans in it.

When Emily, her brother William, their friend Jack and the piskie Corrigan get sent back in time to London, they have a chance to stop the war before it starts. The problem is, they can’t agree on a way to do it. Everybody has an opinion but nobody has a plan. When William and the ever opinionated and sassy piskie Corrigan sneak off in the night to follow their own plan, Emily is left to lead her ragtag group HER way, with the very real possibility that she will never see her brother again.

Follow the two groups, one lead by William and one lead by Emily, as they gather friends, use disguises, solve riddles, sneak, fight and battle their way to an exciting epic confrontation they have to win, in order to survive. Author: Paul Crilley

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The Invisible Order Series:

#1: Rise of the Darklings on Downloadable eBook and eAudio
#2: The Fire King

Emily and William remind me a lot of Amy and Seth in the Fablehaven books or the brother and sister in the Spiderwick Chronicles. A brother and sister can both be smart, but have two very different ways to approach problems and fight their battle. Here are some more adventure books starring brother and sister teams who battle each other…as well as the bad guys!
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