Camp Out

Camp Out

Camp Out!Camp Out! really is the ultimate kids’ guide to camping. It includes all the information you would expect, like what to pack and how to make a s’more…plus many unique ideas.  Who knew you could make a solar oven out of a pizza box or tell the temperature by counting cricket chirps?  Do you know the best time to spot shooting stars? – mid-August.  (Mark your calendar!)  There is a whole chapter devoted to shelter; how to pick a campsite, the labelled parts of a tent, how to make a tent between two trees, how to make a tent if there is only one tree…even how to make your own tepee.  Clear drawings for fire building, knot-tying, identifying animal tracks & the telltale signs in the sky for bad weather are also great.  I especially liked the section on freshwater creatures & what you find Camp Granadain a rotten log – these are the things you would actually see camping out in Indiana.  The book includes camp cooking ideas, games & crafts that are explained well, doable & unique.   As my mom used to say, “Go Outside!” Author: Lynn Brunelle Illustrator: Brian Biggs

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  1. This is a fun book with some great ideas. I love camping with my kids and have put some of my favorite s’more ideas online to share.

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