Killer Pizza #2: The Slice

Killer Pizza #2: The Slice

Killer Pizza #2: The Slice

Killer Pizza is a pizza shop that serves really tasty pizza pies…and it’s a whole lot more. Killer Pizza is the front for a top-secret monster fighting organization that recruits and trains top notch monster hunters.

High School students Toby, Strobe and Annabel were recruited in Killer Pizza. In this new adventure, Killer Pizza: The Slice, they are official Monster Combat Officers. A monster has defected and is seeking asylym in the monster protection program.

Toby, Strobe and Annabel are assigned the task of helping this monster learn about human culture while keeping it safe from it’s pursuers who want it back, really bad. The kids are perfect teachers because the defecting monster can take two forms: a giant snake with poisonous spit…or a drop-dead gorgeous teenage girl. As always, these Monster Combat Officers are ready for action. Author: Greg Taylor

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