Drawing from Memory by Allen Say

Drawing from Memory by Allen Say

Drawing From Memory

Allen Say is the author/illustrator of many books that are often based on things that happened in his life. In this story, Mr. Say tells the story of how he became a maker of books. He tells it in very few words and with lots of photographs and drawings.

Believe it or not, Mr. Say moved out of his family’s house and into an apartment when he was 12 years old! Mr. Say became an apprentice to a master Japanese cartoonist and the two remained dedicated friends until Sensei Shinpei died at the age 87. Sensei Shinpei lived to see Mr. Say become a Caldecott Medal . Say, “the treasure of my life.” Author: Allen Say

Meet Allen Say

More books from Allen Say:
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If you liked reading about Mr. Say and how he became an illustrator and a writer here are some books by authors who tell their own life story:
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