Ranger’s Apprentice: The Lost Stories

Ranger’s Apprentice: The Lost Stories

The Lost Stories

The Ranger’s Apprentice is a series of 10 books that follow the adventures of Will Treaty as he learns to become a Ranger – a kind of lawman in the time of castles and knights. Will is like Aragon in The Lord of the Rings. Will wears a dark mottled (camo!) cloak and is a superior tracker, fighter, and archer. He’s the guy you want to have your back. He watches and listens. He knows things. Will has friends in the castle; other rangers, a knight, a courier, and a princess.

The friends spy, fight and defend each other and their king. They even fall in love. It’s a really, really good series with strong memorable characters who are also very funny!

The Lost Stories is for readers who have already enjoyed The Ranger’s Apprentice and want just a little more. There are 9 short stories in all. You find out where the orphan Will came from and even read about Will’s wedding to Alyss…finally! The Lost Stories was a great way to revisit these favorite characters because there won’t be anymore new books in this series. Mr. Flanagan says in his dedication:

This book is dedicated to those Ranger fans around the world
who have made the last six years so enjoyable for me.
The stories that follow are in response to questions
you have asked me over the years.
Thank you all.

Instead, Mr. Flanagan is starting a new series call The Brotherband Chronicles. Book #1 is called The Outcasts. It comes out November 1, 2011. Author: John Flanagan

Series: The Ranger’s Apprentice

#1 The Ruins of Gorlan on CD and Downloadable eBook
#2 The Burning Bridge on CD and Downloadable eBook
#3 The Icebound Land on CD and Downloadable eBook
#4 The Battle for Skandia on CD
#5 The Sorcerer in the North on CD and Downloadable eBook
#6 The Siege of Macindaw on CD and Downloadable eBook
#7 Erak’s Ransom on CD
#8 The Kings of Clonmel on CD
#9 Halt’s Peril on CD
#10 The Emperor of Nihon-Jin on CD

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