Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

Peter Nimble and His Fantastic Eyes

Peter Nimble is a boy on his own. Not only that, he’s blind. He fends for himself until he is “discovered” by a man who sees in Peter a chance to get rich himself. The man decides to make Peter the very best thief ever.

For the first year, he locked all the boy’s meals inside an old sea chest. If Peter wanted to eat, he had to pick the lock with his bare fingers….By the age of ten, Peter Nimble had become the greatest thief the town had ever seen. But of course no one actually saw him: they only saw the open safes and empty jewelry boxes that he left behind.” (pages 7-8)

And so his life goes until the day Peter nicks a box that has something very unusual in it – three  pairs of eyes. One made of the finest gold, one made of black onyx and one made of emeralds. The first pair of eyes begins Peter’s journey into a new life – Peter pops them in and is transported to a mysterious island where he meets Professor Cake, who has a secret mission especially for Peter – save the Vanished Kingdom from an evil, tyrant king. With the help of his loyal companion Sir Tode, a contingent of loyal birds and a Princess, Peter will battle the evil King’s ape army to free the kingdom’s children from slavery and return it’s rightful heirs to the throne. A really original fantasy adventure with a blind thief as the swashbuckling hero fighting his way toward a destiny he never could have imagined.

I have noticed a lot of really good stories lately that include unusual eyes. Mad Eye Moody isn’t the only one with a powerful eye. What is it about eyes that make them such a delicious part of a story? Maybe because they are thought of as “windows to the soul.” Here are some other fantasy adventures that include eyes doing some amazing things:
The Eyeball Collector Happenstance Found Rise of the Darklings
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