Peter and the Starcatchers

Peter and the Starcatchers

Peter and the Starcatchers

A high-flying, page turning, pirate adventure that was written as a prequel to Peter Pan.  A prequel is a story that tells you about what happened before another story.  If you ever wondered how Peter came to the island, why he can fly, and why he can never grow up, Peter and the Starcatchers will answer those questions in funny, dramatic style.  As the story opens Peter and some orphan boys are on the ship Never Land bound to a life as servants for King Zarboff the Third.  The Never Land is being hotly pursued by the evil pirate Black Stache and his stinking un-mannerly crew.  What is Black Stache after?  Only one passenger seems to know, a beautiful young girl named Molly who convinces Peter to help her keep a mysterious trunk out of the evil clutches of Black Stache.  What’s in the trunk?  Just the key to the peace & harmony of the universe. Authors: Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson


Like this one?  There’s more!

#1: Peter and the Starcatchers on CD & eAudio
#2: Peter and the Shadow Thieves on CD & eAudio
#3: Peter and the Secret of Rundoon on CD & eAudio
#4: Peter and the Sword of Mercy on CD & eAudio

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  1. This is the best series ever i also like percy jackson and heros of olympus (heros of olympus is like a 6th book of percy jackson but based around this new kid jason) i highly recomend both of those.

  2. …this is a great series I recommend these other series: septimus heep, artemis fowl, warriors, Chris d’lacey dragon books,red perimod, and charlie bone. The rest is probably to famous and or has a movie (Peter Jackson series)so yeah neverland I’m sorry :p

  3. I am currently reading the series in fifth grade AND OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!!!

  4. i think peter and the starcatchers is the best series of books ever it is so good like it is really good.

  5. Never Fairy i guesss you are right there are some that are still different even with the 4 books

  6. i didn’t really liked peter and the starcatchers. i like the peter pan better. no offense! it was still pretty good. have anyone ever read the lightning thief or the mysterious case of the allbright acacdemy? those are both gooooooood books!

  7. Granted, Wikipedia is not a definitive source. However, many of the errors listed are in fact true. And my point is, even one discrepency with the original stories is too many.

  8. Dear Never Fairy-

    The list of differences you posted some are totally not true and it is annoying me. You used wikipedia which is not a reliable source because other people can edit it which is why you should not of used it I think you should read them over and tell me some of those are true. The books of the series answer most of them amd basicly follow the story and again wikipedia is wrong.

  9. Forget Me Not by Coleen Paratore is the sequel to The Wedding Planner’s Daughter so if u read that this would be a good book for u.

  10. Your welcome I have red them both my self they are very good. and Call of the Wild by Jack London is good to if you like stories of adventure and loyalty.

  11. Thanks for these suggestions – I put a request in for both of those. In case anyone else wants to try them:

    “The Cupcake Queen” by Heather Hepler 2009
    “Forget Me Not” by Coleen Paratore 2009

  12. If you like stories about romance and friendship and school drama you should totally check out “The Cupcake Queen” or “Forget me not.” They are both very good

  13. Carrie-

    No I dont live in Indianapolis I live in New Jersey so thats pretty far away. lol but I can maybe get it at this book store called borders so thanks for the advice carrie

  14. If you live in Indianapolis, we have Nick of Time here at the Library and you can put it on hold with your library card. We have Time Pirate on order – you can still put it on hold but it will take a little longer to get. If you don’t live in Indy – try your own public library or book store. The author’s name is Ted Bell.

  15. Yah but I dont think it would come out any time soon because its supposed to be animated and in 3-D so… Im not lovin the 3D so much tho I geuss we’ll just have too wait an see rite!!!

  16. You might try The Nick McIver Time Adventure Series. The first one is called Nick of Time. The second one just came out and it’s called Time Pirate. Like Peter, Nick is not your ordinary boy – he travels through time outsmarting Nazis and the evil pirate Captain Blood and his first mate Snake Eye. Captain Blood chases Nick through time because he is so intent on capturing him. He can’t stand it that Nick gets the best of him – a lot like Captain Hook and Peter.

  17. I really love these books so much. Now that I’ve read them every other book I have read is just so boring compared to it. After like the 3rd chapter I stop and go back to Peter and the Starcatchers. I think it is one of the best series ever made I think it is even better than Twilight. Sorry Stephanie Myers I hust think it is so much better than Twilight. My friends (Who are all OBSESSED with the Twilight series) say that it is so not as good as twilight. they haven’t read these books yet though so they don’t know what they’re missing!

  18. I have read that a movie was optioned by Disney way back in 2005…but I can’t find any information about this movie since then. I agree it could make a terrific movie though.

  19. I love Peter and the Starcatchers best book eva did u hear their even making a movie!!!!! cant wait to see it!!!

  20. OMG I tottally agree with you TRM Peter should not be 8 and should not be in 3D I hate 3d so i dont know if i would see it but i love the books. love them!!!

  21. TRM – it seems so. Peter never grows up, on or off of the Neverland, no matter how much time he spends in each place.

    It would be nice if Barry & Pearson did things right in their books.

    Don’t forget about the book I mentioned… the accurate sequel based on Barrie’s own idea for more:

  22. Never Fairy-
    yeah so Im right then right? or not but i just love this book so much and i am reading it for the 5th time now i am on the sowed of mercy

  23. TRM – Yes, even if he stays in the real world he won’t grow up. For we know that he comes back to Kensington Gardens from time to time and still stays the same age. Also, he lived in Kensington Gardens for a very long time before going to the Neverland… and he didn’t age then, so… yeah. 🙂

  24. A lot of bookstores would have this book: Borders, Barne & Noble, Books a Million, Amazon…and you also might have luck at Half Price Books. You have to get lucky there but you never know. Of course, you can always find one at the library!

  25. Never Fairy-I know peter never grows up and I know that he chooses to stay on the island but he dosnt have a choice still even if he stays in the real world he will never grow up

  26. Dear anonymous

    If you know where borders book store is I am pretty sure that they have the whole series there you just have to look for it. The borders book store is by the huge toys are us shop but I really dont know where it is it might be in wall if anyone knows where it is please tell anonymous…..

    thank you

  27. this book is fantastic it was action packed and full of adventure i was searchig and searching around for this book sorta and in the third grade i got it for my birthday and to this day i still have except in the days i was moving i mis placed it and it got rippped because it wasn’t under my protection i hope that i can find another copy around here some where. does anybody know where a gal can find her a goood peter and the starcatchers book plese i am begging you

  28. The movie doesn’t matter. It, too, has mistakes.
    This is a book.
    “Peter Pan” is a book (and also a play.)
    J.M. Barrie (not the ‘character’ in this series, but a real person) wrote the story of Peter Pan. He also wrote “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens” (which is his backstory – not this series.)
    And Barrie does give a reason why Peter doesn’t grow up – he refuses to do it. In this series, it’s NOT his choice.

    These books are billed as a prequel to “Peter Pan” – not “some other story” – so they shouldn’t have all these differences and changes to the original facts. (And no, just because it’s fiction does not mean they are not facts. In the world of the story, these things aren’t fiction, they’re facts.)

    If you want them to be a prequel to the Disney movie, ok, but they go against that, too.

    TRM – Peter Pan never grows up. Never. Not in any story written by Barrie. (If you mean the movie “Hook” that ALSO has a TON of mistakes in it and therefore is an invalid sequel.)

  29. Dear Never Fairy,

    In the original movie Peter Pan it is never clear why Peter Pan will never grow. No body ever gives a reason ,why, not even Peter says. In one of the books (Peter and the shadow Thieves) Peter meets James Barrie because he rescues him he says “Peter a fine name indeed” which clues you in that he has an idea. So it would not be the same as the actual peter pan if I am making sense here so the stories are going to be a little different. For example in Peter and the starcatchers tink is more like a bird than a person but still makes bell noises to communicate.

  30. If Peter is 8 that would be sad because he is a least 12. and I would absolutly HATE 3-D HATE IT!!!!!!! I MIGHT EVEN CRY. (not really)

  31. Dear Never Fairy and HR

    If my facts are wrong please tell my but I do believe that they do not actually give a reason why he grows up.

    Correct me if I’m wrong

  32. Dear HR
    Yes the books do stay with the story of Peter Pan but some facts are a little twisted but all the books are still on the very top of my list of good books. (not that i have a list that was just a metaphor)

  33. No, Peter Pan never grows up… and never did in the original stories and never will.

    Sure, it’s a fun story on its own…
    But when continuing someone else’s story in the same medium, there shouldn’t have fact-checking mistakes in it. It’s disrespectful of another author’s highly crafted art.

    They even changed the very REASON that Peter Pan doesn’t grow up. That’s just sad.

    Here’s a link to the List of Differences

    (still) BELIEVE!

  34. Hello, im in 7th grade and i love!!!!!!! these books they are so good and so so so so so so ggggoooooddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! they are making a movie of “Peter and the Satcatchers it is animated so it is not going to come out any time soon but maybe next year they will let it out. U am so excited but Peter is supposed to be 8 and that will not be good and it is supposed to be in 3-D which makes it even worse so i will go see it but I wont be happy about it if Peter is 8 and its in 3-D we’ll see what happens…..

  35. Dear HR,
    there is a fourth book out and in that book it has been 23 years since peter has seen molly and she grew up and did, infact, marry george darling and now wants nothing to do with the talk of all this because geaorge forbids it in the house but when James comes to visit after all these years he came to worn molly that there is a strange man named Barren von Satchen who is getting hinself close to the king. James tells molly that he got close to him once and felt a cold presence groing inside him when he did (I think we all know who that was….. if you dont it was Ombra and now he needs her halp to stop him from getting to the cache under London which holds a very big batch of starstuff so read the book it is very very very very very very veyr very good it is called “Peter and the Sword of Mercy”

  36. Dear HR if oeter returns to the rel world he will still never grow up it is in the movie it dosnt matter where he is but he will never grow up wherever he is

  37. I love this series…havent read sword of mercy but i cant wait to get it. My 4th grade teacher introduced me to them and now im hooked. these are long books with small writing and some hard words so make sure you’re a good reader if you want to read it yourself. I request the book to all ages over 8 and only because you can read and understand the books easier alone if you are over 8. Please Read these books!!!

  38. sorry-almost forgot….. yes as neverfairy has stated above this book does contradict some of the original facts of peter pan. like the fact that fairy dust does not help u fly-its starstuff. also, correct me if im wrong, but in the original peter pan story peter if he returned to the real world-would grow up. in this book peter can not grow up. also this whole series-the 3 books, is one whole prequel of peter pan. im not sure if u noticed or not but mollys friend george is named george DARLING. in the original peter pan story the main characters are peter and wendy. wendys last name is DARLING. so that means that in the future george and molly got married. (poor peter! im definetley on your side!)soooooo then the original peter pan story has still yet to happen. i know that there are probably many prequels and sequels to peter pan, i have only read this one and i think that it is probably the best there is. i know that it doesnt match with some of the details of the original story but i think that the authors did a good job of making it all work out and try to make it lead up to the original story quite well. i think that this series is even more adventurefilled and better than the original peter pan story. btw: if u enjoyed the disney classic peter pan then the try the 2003 peter pan movie-its reallyyyy good!

  39. This is a great book! If u loved the movie peter pan then you’ll love the prequel to the famous story! i really enjoyed this book because it answers many of the questions kids have after watching or reading peter pan. likeeee: how did never land come to be? how did hook lose his hand? how did peter learn to fly? and peters connection to the lost boys! so what if the 2nd and 3rd book dont follow the original story of peter pan? its still part of the prequel and is a very fascinating and captivating story. anybody who reads it will fall in love with it- trust me! also if u r interested in fairytale books try the sisters grimm! they r ahmazing!!!

  40. Peter and the Starcatchers is an amazing story! Our teacher read it to us in 3rd grade, and got me obsessed with the series! Thanks Mr. M!

  41. This exciting fairytale does not follow many of the facts of J.M. Barrie’s much loved story, Peter Pan, but will undoubtedly bring adventure and belief into the hearts of young and old. Yes, yes of course NeverFairy up there is right, but no book’s perfect. If you choose to flop down with a book this summer, I advise you to get this book off the shelf!

  42. This may be a fun tale, but a prequel to “Peter Pan” it is NOT. It contradicts MANY facts in Barrie’s original stories. Actually, all the prequels and sequels do. But there is one coming that doesn’t and is based on Barrie’s idea for more Pan adventure! There’s an announcement page here:

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