Reel Life Starring Us

Reel Life Starring Us

I know you’ve read this kind before – the story of the girl or girls trying to be popular or at the very least fitting in. This book is the quest for popularity…in reverse. Dina is starting a new school and is used to being liked; to being popular, at least, used to being popular enough.

This whole starting-a-new-school thing would be easier if I had a T-shirt that stated the truth, or a removable tattoo on my forehead, or something, just so peple would know: I was cool at my old school. Really, I was. Yeah, it was a private school with fifty kids in the grade. Everyone was artsy in his or her own way. And it wasn’t very cliquey. But I was cool. People liked me. Shouldn’t it be automatic that if I was someone there, I’d be someone here, too?” (pages 1-2)

After her fist day Dina finds out that it isn’t automatic and that being liked, well, it takes a lot of work. When Dina gets paired with the school queen bee Chelsea for a video project she’s sure this is her ticket into Chelsea’s group – the “in” group. But the project takes both girls to a place they never thought they’d go – up close and personal with kids they never even knew existed: the knitters, the guitar players, the t-shirt collectors, the cartoon obsessed, and the kid who is compelled to arrive at school every morning at 7:43am. Exactly.  And this new place, this other place, it’s really pretty interesting. The girls take a good hard look at what cool is and are surprised at what they find. Author: Lisa Greenwald

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  1. Starring us is a great book it’s about 2 girls 1girl is new and hopes to make friends and the other has been there for a long time and is very popular will both of them get along?

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