Septimus Heap #6: Darke

Septimus Heap #6: Darke


In this his sixth book, Septimus Heap, the seventh son of a seventh, is fourteen. He’s been training now for four years with Marcia, the Extraordinary wizard, and he’s ready for his ultimate test – Darke Week. He must enter the Darke alone for seven days and rely on his Magyk skills. This is the training that separates an ordinary wizard from an extraordinary one. His Dad is nervous, his Mother is nervous and Marcia is nervous, but Septimus is just ready to get on with it already!

When a concealed wizard unleashes a Darke Domaine, inviting the creatures of the Darke into the castle and into the wizarding tower itself, it will take Septimus and all of his friends to keep the Darke at bay. This time no one has to go looking for the Darke, the Darke comes out looking for them.

Another magic-filled adventure that explores friendship and forgiveness and  just what it is that makes a wizard Darke. Once a wizard is Darke – can he/she ever turn back?  I really liked getting to know some of Septimus’s friends in this one – you get much more about Beetle the scribe, Princess Jenna, Septimus’s brother Simon and even Marcia.  Author: Angie Sage

The Magykal Papers

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  1. What’s better than a storybook magician than a real one? Kids can check out the magic section of their local library for lots of good tricks.

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