The Stranger Next Door

The Stranger Next Door

The Stranger Next Door

A clever cat’s heroism helps two twelve-year-old boys become friends after their families, one of which is in a witness protection program, move to neighboring houses in Hilltop, Washington.

Bryanna says:

This book at first to me didnt seem like it would  be very interesting to me, it was very confusing an i couldnt understand it. but further into the book i could see what was going on. This book is about two boys and of course pete the cat, one boy moves in nextdoor one day and when he does pete the cats owner (Alex) is very curiouse. The new kid is acting wierd and wont go near a single soul. Alex goes through many things to discover the new kids secret.  Read this book to find out why the new kid is acting so wierd and what amazing adventures Alex and Pete go throught to find out.

Two more books about Pete the Cat:
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